Gold Plated Name Necklaces

Personalized Gold and Silver Necklaces

Having a necklace custom-made for someone that you care about is an amazing gesture. It is like their own personal jewelry that is truly unique and unlike anything else. There are a number of ways that you can personalize necklaces for someone special in your life. A personalized name necklace is one of the most common ways to personalize a necklace. It is the most popular method of personalization because it has your name on it, it makes it unique and truly yours for life. A custom name necklace is a gift that can truly last a lifetime. Here are some different variations of these necklaces that you can choose from.

Pendants are a great way to show someone that you care. Heart-shaped pendants are the most common type of pendants because there is a lot you can do with them creatively. One idea would be to personalize a sterling locket necklace with her initials engraved in the center. Not only can she place her favorite photos inside, but her initials are also there to make it more personal. You could purchase a gold name necklace or a name necklace in silver with diamonds surrounding the heart pendant and her initials. It is a timeless gift that can be worn with anything and never goes out of style.

With Mother’s Day coming up another great idea would to have a pendant created with all of her children’s names on it. This could be personalized with the birthstone of each child a coated in silver or gold. This would make a fantastic pendant on a gold or silver chain. The bottom of the layered pendant may say something such as “love” or “family” and be something that you mother would truly cherish for a lifetime. There is nothing more precious to a mother than her children. It would truly melt her heart.

Another option would be to create a name necklace in gold. The name would not be engraved on any particular pendant, but would be the pendant itself. These necklaces are traditionally done in gold but can be done in silver as well. A pendant is simply created out of the individual’s name and is hooked onto the two clasps of the necklace. This is a very popular gift for teenagers and young girls because it goes with everything and truly never goes out of style. These can be created with large bubbly letters or smaller more elegant letters.

Giving a name necklace as a gift for your loved one is really a gift that they will cherish for a lifetime. No matter what the event, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, personalized name necklaces never grow old or out of style. This allows you to provide your loved one with a gift that is truly unique and timeless. It shows them that you truly care about them, so much that you had something personalized just for them. It is a gift that they will cherish forever.